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Saddle Fit Evaluation- Includes static and dynamic (ridden) evaluation of two saddles, tracings, and recommendations. $150 Please be ready to ride

Travel/fuel surcharge:   0-25 miles RT Free; 25-50 miles RT $35 flat fee; 50-100 miles RT $125 flat fee

New or Used Saddle Demo:  Including evaluation, measurements, saddle design, and demo $200 (fee reduced with the purchase of a saddle on most saddles)

Tree Adjustment:  Wood/Spring or synthetic trees fit to horse's current measurements, flocking, and evaluation $265.  Note: Saddles may need time in the shop for adjustment. Travel is not included

Overflock:  Wool added to panel and saddle rebalanced, includes evaluation $80.  Additional charges for dropping the panel and resewing.

Complete Reflock:  Old wool stripped out and replaced with new wool, panel and saddle conditioned with fit check $350

Air Panel to Wool Panel Conversion:  Air bladders removed and wool installed, fit checked $350

Billets, Repair Replace:  $55 per billet standard $65 per billet premium, additional charges for new webbing or dropped panels

Saddle Rings for Sandwich Case:  $80 for two an additional $55 for four

**Discount given for returning clients and additional saddle and horses! :)

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